Obviously the NES can't run Doom - so instead, let's do Sunlust. 

Current supported features: 

- Height-mapped levels

- With literally hundreds of enemies

- That you can kill with bullets or rockets

- While they light you up with fireballs

Planned features:

- Actually fun gameplay

- Graphics that don't look like ass

- Fewer and more explicable crashes

- Levels

This project is open-source and permissively licensed. Do whatever the hell you want with it - please. I'm sharing this half-baked alpha because the NESdev 2022 deadline is still two months away. You want to do a Metroid Prime demake, with Metroid's graphics? You want to one-up the Mega Drive's Duke Nukem 3D port? Do you have a homebrew idea even dumber than that? Well, here's a variety of stupid problems solved for you. Get cracking. 

Controls: B fires, A strafes, Select switches weapons and also fires rockets. The machinegun locks on when strafing, like Metroid Prime, but worse. Start pauses the AI.

Install instructions

NES ROM included. Tested in FCEUX.

Compile with cc65.


NES Slaughter weapons update.zip 78 kB
NES Slaughter announcement version.zip 60 kB

Development log


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Really interesting game concept and execution! Incidentally, how did you set it up to get the NES ROM to play in the itchio browser window? I assume there's a hidden "play in browser only" zip file with the ROM and an index.html that calls a HTML5 NES emulator, right?


Yep, NinjaPad in a ZIP. Several stumbling blocks: you have to set "kind of project" to HTML, or Itch won't show the "this file will be played in the browser" option for ZIP files. The index.html file genuinely has to be in the root of the ZIP file, not in a folder inside the zip file. And just to make things interesting, NinjaPad may not run locally, because of browser security rules... so my test environment was uploading stuff and hoping that it worked. 

Should I be worried how often the least convenient part of retro development is modern websites? GBDK is powerful, cc65 is fast, Open Watcom is flexible, and it once took me three days to send an executable over GMail. I had to rename it attack.com... because that's not suspicious.

Not much of a game as now (works but gameplay is a bit rough) but impressive on such a low-specced machine. Good luck developing this!