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Match blocks as fast as you can in this PC port of a console classic. 

This 2021 game for the original 1981 IBM PC runs in full color (all 16 of them) and high resolution (320x200) thanks to intense abuse of the Color Graphics Adapter's 40-column text mode. Responsive gameplay, even at 4.77 MHz. Music and sound effects, even with a simple buzzer. The only PCs this won't kick ass on did not have graphics.

Version 2.0 supports MDA. (Use the -mda flag.) The only PCs this won't kick ass on did not have video. 

Version 2.1 is the same but automatically detects MDA or CGA. Flags still work.

Originally developed for PC Jam: https://pcjam.gitlab.io/

Install instructions

Tested in DOSBox-X, which has better CGA support than plain DOSBox. If graphics look scrunched vertically or blink during gameplay - reconfigure. Use -mda for MDA.


TetrisAttack8088_Itch.zip 38 kB
TetrisAttack2_0.zip 74 kB
TetrisAttack8088_2_1.zip 75 kB

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